Limit the screen time - Multichannel Campaign

Motion ad

"Creative world" app 
Briefed to design an ad campaign and motion graphics to promote awareness of a social issue I decided on children phone addiction. Target audience: The parents who see their children suffering from nomophobia (phone addiction). The aim was to show amazing creativity of kids, show par- ents that every child has his own world and we shouldn't let them perceive it through the screen. Iʼd like to show parents that play is important and they should help children support their creativity instead of stopping it.
My concept was to show that kids are happy when they can be kids, not robots who shrink their minds and let media control their perceiving of the world.
All the parents are very proud of their kids when they achieve something or come up with an excellent idea. Usually we can see their posts on facebook where parents can show their childʼs skills and ideas. Creative world is an app dedicated to parents where they can share their own and their children's play ideas to other parents. It also gives a great opportunity for their kids to show off and be even more creative.